Supply Chain Management Career

Career Opportunities
In Supply Chain Management there is no specific or standard career path to follow and individuals have hundreds of potential career opportunities available to them. Different organizational structures requires a diverse field of knowledge and skills and a potential employees should have a knowledge of supply chain process, business skills and the relevant work experience in a chosen firm.
Most employees starting their career in Supply Chain Management will only progress to a SCM position with greater responsibility later in their career as most individuals start as front line supervisors, analysts or trainee in management.
A supply chain manager has a large impact on the ultimate success of organizations and businesses. They engage in all business process facets, such as planning, production, purchasing, distribution, storage and customer service. They enable an organization to control expenses, maximize profits and boost sales.
A career opportunity is available in a very wide range of companies such as, retailers, manufacturers, third party logistics, transportation, service firms or government agencies. The nature of a supply chain position varies tremendously as there are office-based positions which focus on demand forecasting, supply management, performance analysis, inventory control and troubleshooting of customer problems. These positions fall more in the planning-oriented department.
Then you also have operations-focused positions in Supply Chain Management, which are action-oriented positions involving product flow and people management. SCM positions like this are most likely at operations centers, terminals, ports and distribution facilities.
A typical job for an entry level individual with no work experience will be a consultant and key duties will include some of the following:
Gathering and analyzing of relevant data;
Identifying of problems, risks and opportunities;
Working with client solutions
Facility visits and conducting client interviews
Evaluating and developing alternative strategies
Developing of reports
Presentation of reports to clients