Online MBA in Supply Chain Management

An online MBA in supply chain management is a challenging two-year program that teaches students about the inner workings of properly managing company inventory. Students will learn about the process of moving and storing raw materials from the purchasing, production and delivery stages. They’ll also be trained in supply chain management practices and business principles. A major focus of the MBA online supply chain management program is inventory cost reduction. This is especially important in the supply chain because managers need to be able to control inventory costs while eliminating waste. Students will walk away with the best knowledge and skills needed to manage a supply chain and the individuals who work in it, as well as lead project teams and negotiate with important players within the chain. With these skills and professional training, students will be equipped to work in a variety of supply and production careers. Online MBA supply chain management programs are extremely convenient for the average student and working professional who need to juggle both work and school demands.

What Does an MBA in Supply Chain Management Cover?
An MBA in supply chain management is a business degree concentration that teaches students how to oversee the production of raw materials into consumer products. Online supply chain management MBA schools give students the option of completing a full or part-time program within one to two years or longer. Depending on the online MBA supply chain management program, some students may only have to complete 36 to 48 hours to earn their degree. An MBA supply chain management online program will provide general MBA coursework and specialized courses that are specific to supply chain management. During the program, students will closely study the supply chain process of purchasing, production and distribution of goods from supplier to consumer. They will also learn about the professional roles that contribute to supply chain activities. At the end of the program, students will know how to plan every step in the chain of activities such as sourcing, procurement, conversion, logistics management and marketing. Much of the program also focuses on managing company inventory in order to achieve optimal success. Students will learn how to control and reduce inventory costs while eliminating waste during the production process. At the end of the program, they’ll possess important analytical and negotiating skills that will come in handy in both professional and everyday life.

Getting Into a Supply Chain Management MBA Program
Those who are interested in pursuing a supply chain management MBA program should first complete a bachelor’s degree program and earn their undergraduate degree from an accredited school. A business bachelor’s degree is not necessary because those with a bachelor’s degree in art, science, or humanities are all eligible for admittance into an operations management MBA program. However, students who did not pursue a business-related undergraduate degree should make sure that they have mastered basic business and mathematical skills before applying so that they can get an idea of what to expect during their MBA studies. Those who did not earn a bachelor’s degree in business may be asked to complete several courses before submitting an application, including:

  • College Algebra
  • Foundations of Business
  • Business Law & Ethics

A minimum undergraduate grade point average of 3.0 is typically necessary for entry into operations management MBA programs as well, such as the case with Northeastern University. Some schools, including Northeastern, require additional documents aside from an official transcript and completed application form. These forms consist of letters of recommendation, an application essay, GMAT scores, and an updated professional resume. However, because all schools have varying guidelines, applicants should check directly with their prospective schools to ensure what they do and do not need to submit.

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