Job Descriptions of Supply Chain Positions

Supply Planning Project Manager
In this position the responsibilities and job description will typically but not always include the following: The Supply Planning Project Manager is responsible for system changes and leading process necessary for the support of changes in Top Line, Productivity Initiatives and Go to Market. Facilitate the process across Supply Chain functions such as manufacturing, planning Transportation, Warehouse and more. Development of new Supply Chain Planning and translation of business processes into IT solution requirements. Experience and qualifications may be a Bachelor’s degree, Supply Chain Planning Tool experience, strong analytical skills, Excel Project Management.
Supply Chain Quality Manager
This position requires experience in managing, implementing and developing of a Supply Chain Quality Program. It includes supplier qualification process, sustainability assessments, safety risk assessments, supplier quality issue resolution, incoming material quality metrics, audits, material specification development and improvement of process, quality and cost. A BS in a technical field and relevant experience are usually required for this position.
Supply Chain Leader
Is in fact a Procurement Manager and responsibilities includes managing and overseeing of overall supply chain, procurement of materials, capital and MRO expenditures, inventory management, supplier qualification. Vendor selection, improving efficiency, quality and productivity across the supply chain, interacting with clients and customers. Required qualifications are Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree.
Manager of Strategic Sourcing
Manager of Strategic Sourcing responsibilities are the increasing in sophistication of a supply chain as well as procurement practices. Managing the acquisition of services and goods and matching customer needs, monitoring supplier performance, identify margin improvements and insure continuous improvement of the overall supply chain, Analysis of market conditions, developing of project plans and more. Candidates of such as position will be required to have a Bachelor’s degree in a Business related major such as Computer Science, Supply Chain, Procurement, Finance and such.